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Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday

OMG   I have had the best Vacation,,,, I was adopted at birth and all my life I have known I was adopted... Well Aug 16, 2009,, I found my birth Mother... and with that I found 3 sisters and 2 brother ,,ok they are really step, but who cares... My Mother, JoAnne Daniels came to visit me Sept. 14... We had such a wonderful time catching up on our lives,, THEN my Sista Jenny came on the 16th in the morning,, was I looking in the mirror???    We have all talked and emiled through the past year,,but nothing compares to the in person, hugging, hugging, hugging experience... I found my best friend in Jenny and Mom was thrilled we got on so well  ,,  here we are at Alioto's on the Wharf,,,

We  have the same eyes and I have Mom's nose... it is incredible to find someone that you look like..
Mom stayed till 9/21 and Jenny and I had 1 day together before she went to visit her son in Vale... 
It is so a 'Made for TV thing"   It was just so sureal, we couldn'r believe it was really happening,,, 

More cards to post tomorrow,,, lots of Fall options!!! 


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