I have to make a WHAT????

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I saw this at convention too..

I had purchased a lampshade and was undecided what to do to decorate it to match my bedroom,,, I saw this at convention and HAD to come home and make it..  

In another attempt to organize?  declutter?  just straighten up?? my craft room, I have alot of premade cards and swaps that need a good home,,, If you have any cards that need a new home,,  I am going to send them to Operation Write Home.. the cards are sent to the troops and they in turn send them to their loved ones... Isn't that so cool???  
Please take a look at their website http://www.operationwritehome.org/index.html   for requests and specifications for cards,,,,  If you are coming Aug 6, Please bring them and I will send them off...  What a wonderful program,, I know there are alot of people out there doing things,, and I want to be one of them.  I will be getting the stamp they request,, please feel free to put your own info on the back also so they know who made the card. 

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